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TN Defensive Driving and Car Insurance Discount Courses

Take a TN Defensive Driving Course Online

People take a defensive driving course to learn how to be a safer driver. Completing the course can reduce the number of points on your driver’s license or make you eligible for a discount from your car insurance company.

At American Safety Council®, we design defensive driving classes to be user-friendly and accessible, which is why our courses are 100% online. Whether you need to fulfill a court order or lower your insurance rate, our Tennessee Online Traffic School and Tennessee Mature Driver Online courses are approved by the Tennessee Department of Safety (DOS) and available at affordable costs. To get started, register online and begin your course today.

Why Defensive Driving?

Defensive driving school teaches students how to improve their driving skills, avoid crashes and identify risks when behind the wheel. Even if you consider yourself a cautious, safe driver, not everyone follows those same standards. That creates a risk when on the road.

For example, those who use a cell phone or are otherwise distracted while driving make sharing the road less safe for themselves and others. Here is the number of distracted driving crashes in 2017 in Tennessee counties:

  • Anderson County—200
  • Blount County—356
  • Bradley County—231
  • Cumberland County—114
  • Franklin County—85
  • Johnson County— 26
  • Knox County—954
  • Lawrence County—111
  • Shelby County—7,258
  • Williamson County—1,134

Do I Need Online Traffic School?

Reasons why you may need to take a online defensive driving course from American Safety Council include:

  • You have accumulated six (for juveniles) or 12 points (for adults) on your driver’s license over a 12-month period.
  • You would like to dismiss a traffic ticket.
  • You need to decrease the number of points on your driving record.
  • You would like to prevent a driver’s license suspension.
  • You need to meet the court-ordered requirement of taking the course.
  • You want to get a discount on your car insurance rate.

Are you eligible for the course? The court, Tennessee DOS or your insurance provider determines whether you are required or will benefit from taking defensive driving.

How Do You Get Points on Your Driving Record?

You can accumulate points on your driving record by breaking Tennessee traffic laws and getting tickets. The traffic laws are broken into several sections and assigned a point value. If you drive a commercial vehicle and get a traffic ticket, you earn more points than if you drive a non-commercial vehicle.

Examples of Traffic Violations and Their Point Values

  • Driving without a license in possession—2 points
  • Driving 6–15 miles per hour over the speed limit—3 points
  • Driving 6–15 miles per hour over the speed in a construction zone—4 points
  • Driving too fast for conditions like rain or snow—3 points
  • Improper passing—4 points
  • Crossing private property to avoid a signal or stop sign—4 points
  • Contributing to an accident that results in another person’s injury—4 points
  • Reckless driving—6 points
  • Passing a stopped school bus that’s taking on or unloading passengers—8 points
  • Fleeing a law enforcement officer (misdemeanor)—8 points

Not sure how many points are on your driving record? You can find your driving history online.

Tennessee Driver Improvement Programs

Part of the Tennessee DOS, called the Driver Improvement Section, has the responsibility of monitoring driving records throughout the state. When you get 12 points on your license in a 12-month period, the Driver Improvement Section sends you a notice of the proposed suspension and a court hearing date.

If you attend the hearing, you may be ordered to complete a defensive driving class. Your license suspension period may also be removed or reduced. If you don’t attend the hearing, you lose your driver’s license for six to 12 months without the option to shorten the suspension period.

Driver Improvement for Juveniles

This process is slightly different for juvenile drivers. If you are under age 18 and accumulate six points on your driving record within a 12-month period, you receive a notice and a court hearing date from the Driver Improvement Section. You and your parent or guardian must attend the hearing to discuss the points.

Depending on the outcome of the hearing, your license will be suspended for up to six months and you must complete a defensive driving course in 90 days. If you don’t attend the hearing, your license is automatically suspended for six months.

Whether you are an adult or under age 18, the online traffic school offered by American Safety Council satisfies the defensive driving course court order. Register online today to begin.

Why American Safety Council?

When you sign up for the Tennessee Online Traffic School or Tennessee Mature Driver Online courses from American Safety Council, you can expect to enjoy these benefits:

100% online

Every aspect of the course is online, and you can access the course from at home, a coffee shop, the library—wherever you can use the internet.

Low cost

Taking our online traffic school is budget friendly. If you’re not happy with your results once you complete the course, we offer a money back guarantee.

24/7 Support

Have questions about your account or part of the course? We have a support team that’s available by phone, email or live chat at all hours.

Guaranteed success

With unlimited section quiz and final exam attempts, you are sure to pass the course.


Take the course from any device on a schedule that works for you. Your progress is saved, so you can log in and out whenever you need.

Secure Registration

When you complete our online registration form, your personal information is safe and sound.

Tennessee DOS-approved

Taking our course fulfills your court order or car insurance company requirements.

About Our TN Defensive Driving Courses

At American Safety Council, we design our courses to be effective and easy to use. You can complete our courses at your own pace from any location—no classroom necessary.

Our online traffic school teaches the following topics through a series of modules:

  • Understanding safe driving attitudes and behaviors, such as minimizing aggressive driving and road rage
  • Following Tennessee driving laws and preventing traffic tickets, such as using 4-way stops, stopping for school buses, etc.
  • Sharing the road, such as how to safely interact with pedestrians, other cars, bikes and more while driving
  • Learning alcohol education and safety, including driving with a low blood alcohol concentration (BAC)
  • Applying defensive driving tips and techniques, including looking out for risky driving situations
  • Using proper safety equipment, such as a seatbelt and rearview mirrors
  • Preventing accidents and crashes, such as avoiding distracted driving

What to Expect from Tennessee Mature Driver Online

Licensed Tennessee drivers who are age 55 and older are eligible for this 8-hour online class designed for those who want lower their insurance rates. There are quizzes at the end of each module and a final exam at the end of the course. Students get unlimited attempts at both the quizzes and exam.

Completing this course means you can receive up to 15% off your car insurance rate for up to three years. Talk to your provider to understand the terms of your specific discount.

You can begin the course immediately after you register. Sign up today.

What to Expect from Tennessee Online Traffic School

American Safety Council develops our Tennessee Online Traffic School course for adults and juveniles who need to satisfy their court-ordered defensive driving requirement. It’s a 4-hour course with quizzes at the end of each module. To pass the course, students must earn an 80% on a 20-question final exam. Both the quizzes and final exam can be taken however many times it takes you to pass.

To create a username and password and get started, register online today.

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Successfully Completing Our TN Defensive Driving Course

Once you complete all the modules and pass the final exam, American Safety Council sends you a defensive driving certificate of completion. Download and print the certificate and present it to the Tennessee court or your car insurance company as proof that you took the course.

Getting Your License Reinstated

Completing our defensive driving course online is the first step to getting your license back if it has been suspended. In addition to presenting the certificate of completion, you also need to pay any reinstatement fees and have proof of liability insurance to show to the court.

What Happens If You Get a Ticket After Taking the Course?

If a juvenile earns six or more points in a 12-month period after the first offense, you are again placed in the Driver Improvement Program. The Driver Improvement Section of the Tennessee DOS notifies the driver and their parent or guardian of a six to 12-month license suspension. The length of the suspension is based on the driving record.

To get your driver’s license back after a second or subsequent offense, you must again complete the defensive driving course, present proof of liability insurance and pay the reinstatement fees.

TN Defensive Driving Course Online: Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have to complete the course?

As required by the state of Tennessee, you have 90 days to complete your defensive driving course.

Who can I talk to if I have a question about the course?

Certified driving safety instructors are available around the clock to answer your questions. Email, live chat or call the American Safety Council support team at 1-800-393-1063.

When can I start the course?

You can begin the first module immediately after you register. Simply fill out the online form to purchase the course and create a username and password.

Do I have to work on the course during certain hours?

No. Defensive driving online is available 24/7, so you can work on the course at the time that best fits your lifestyle and schedule.

How do I know how much of a car insurance discount I get?

American Safety Council doesn’t determine your insurance rate. Talk to your car insurance company to learn more about your options.

Is there a different defensive driving course for adults and juveniles?

American Safety Council’s Tennessee Online Traffic School course is available for both adults and drivers under age 18. Our Tennessee Mature Driver course is only offered to licensed Tennessee drivers over age 55.

Become a Better Driver with American Safety Council

No matter your reason for taking our TN online defensive driving course, American Safety Council makes completing the class easy and convenient. With Tennessee DOS-approved materials and accreditation from the Better Business Bureau, you can rely on our courses to teach you the skills you need to be a safe driver. Register online today.


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