The Right Texas Driving School for You

The American Safety Council® offers driver’s ed courses approved by the state of Texas and the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TLDR). State-approved courses are available for both teens and adults so they can satisfy Texas driver’s license requirements. Here is a list of what is offered by Texas Driving School online through the American Safety Council:

  • Self-Taught Online Driver’s Ed
  • Parent-Taught Driver’s Ed
  • Adult Driver’s Ed (ages 18 and older)
  • Defensive Driving for Driver Safety

The secure e-learning platform provides an efficient way for students to earn their licenses and begin driving. The American Safety Council is a trusted industry leader in online education courses and guarantees the lowest prices and highest customer satisfaction. Texas Driving School is accredited by the Better Business Bureau and has placed thousands of satisfied and qualified drivers on the road.

Texas Driving Requirements

Who is eligible to take the driver’s ed courses? Here are the requirements that need to be met to enroll in the courses:

  • To take the self-taught or parent-taught online courses, a student must be at least 14 years old.
  • To take the adult driver’s education course, a student must be at least 18 year of age.
  • Students must pay the required fee.
  • Students must bring proof of identity to the local Texas DPS (Department of Public Safety) location.
  • Students must present proper documents showing US citizenship or lawful Texas residency.

If you are 18 or older, you are also required to have proof of Texas vehicle registration and liability insurance on all vehicles you own and consent to be photographed or fingerprinted. More information can be found in the Texas Driver Handbook.

Getting Started

Beginning the process is simple—within minutes the course becomes available, and students can start right away. Simply fill out the Texas Online Driver’s Education form and enter contact information and create an account. Students will receive an email to verify the account.

Texas Driving School for Teens

Here are step-by-step directions for teams to take online driver’s ed and start the process of becoming a licensed driver. Be sure to pay attention to the paperwork items and bring all of the necessary TDLR forms when you apply.

  • Register for the Texas Self-Taught Online Driver’s Ed Course or Parent-Taught Driver’s Ed.
  • Download and complete the online application and mail it to the TLDR (only if you take the parent-taught course).
  • Complete the first unit of your course.
  • Complete your permit exam online.
  • Once you complete the exam, you’ll receive your certificate of completion. Bring the certificate (which is free) to the TDS office and apply for your first learner’s permit (If you’re 15 or older you can apply after completing the first unit of the course).
  • Complete all course material.
  • Accumulate 44 hours of driving time.

Not only are the written exams available through the Texas Driving School but the driving course is also available as an added feature.

Texas Self-Taught Online Driver’s Ed

Texas Online Driver’s Ed is a TDLR-approved self-taught driver’s education course for teens 14 to 17 years of age. Taken 100% online, this course provides:


A convenient and affordable way to learn about driving safety

All Required Hours

An avenue for students to complete 32 hours of state required classroom education


An option for teenagers who want to complete the requirements on their own—without the guidance of a parent, guardian or instructor

This means not staying after school or taking coursework in the summer. No longer will drawn-out and expensive in-person classes need to fit the schedule of a parent or guardian. After signing up, teens who enroll in this TDLR-approved course can immediately begin their online driver’s education. As a result, there will be no waiting for forms from the state in the mail or being slowed by instructor approval processes.

What the Course Covers

The online course aims to teach new drivers defensive driving habits and how to obey Texas traffic laws. Some of the topics that are covered include:

  • How to share the road with other drivers
  • What to do in emergency situations
  • Avoiding the dangers of distracted driving
  • Reading and obeying traffic signs and signals

Earning a Learner’s Permit

The first unit of the course—known as Module 1—takes six hours to complete. After Module 1 has been passed, a student at least 15 years old will be able to take the online learner’s permit exam.

  • After successfully completing this requirement, the student will receive a Texas Driver’s Education Certificate (DE-964) in the mail.
  • While accompanied by a parent or legal guardian, the student will then present the DE-964 certificate and other required forms to a local Texas DPS office to receive a learner’s permit.
  • The Texas Driving School’s online permit exam is included for all students enrolled in the Texas Online Driver’s Ed Course.

The learner’s permit exam is DPS-approved and can be conveniently taken at home, on any device and at your own pace. The successful completion of the learner’s permit exam will be noted on the DE-964 certificate.

Teenager learning to drive

Texas Parent-Taught Online Driver’s Ed

Also known as PTDE, the Parent-Taught Online Driver’s Ed course is another option for students to take state-approved driving training online and outside of a classroom. This program gives parents and students the chance to talk about important topics like driving safety and ensures qualified supervision during driving hours.

The course covers the same topics as the self-taught version, but includes the added guidance of an adult who must be state-approved. Here’s how PTDE works:

  • Each student and parent is required to request approval to complete the parent-taught driver’s education by completing a TDLR application.
  • Once approved, the TDLR issues a Parent-Taught Driver’s Ed Packet containing all of the necessary information and forms.
  • Once the TDLR packet is received, a student can begin the online course material.

Texas Learner’s Permit

Like the self-taught program, teens 15 to 17 years old can apply for their learner’s permit after completion of Module 1. The student and parent/guardian must bring all of the required forms—which are included in the Parent-Taught Driver’s Ed Packet sent by the TDLR—to their local Texas DPS office.

Permit Test Taken Online

The DPS-approved online learner’s permit exam allows you to take the official permit test online in the comfort of your home. Students also enjoy these benefits:

  • Avoid the stress and hassle of taking the written test at the DPS.
  • Receive notation on their DE-964 certificate as proof of completion. Students who do not take the test online will be required to complete the exam at the DPS office.

Questions regarding the self-taught or parent-taught courses can be answered any time. Students can contact Texas Driving School’s live 24/7 support line to find the answer to any questions or receive any other assistance.

Texas Driving School for Adults

Students between the ages of 18 and 24 will need to complete the course offered by Texas Driving School online to become a licensed driver. Adults who need driver’s education can follow these steps to start the process toward receiving a driver’s license:

  • Complete the online adult driver’s ed course.
  • Automatically pass the state’s DPS exam.
  • Receive a DE-964 certificate of completion (which is free) and present it to the TLDR.

The course takes just six hours to complete.

A benefit of the adult driver’s ed course is that students do not have to complete a written exam at the DPS. Once the course is finished, our online system files the completion and send an official certificate of completion in the mail. The DE-964 certificate of completion is required at the DPS for a student to receive a driver’s license.

Making Driver’s Ed a Good Experience

Skip the classrooms and state government red tape. Your time is valuable, and the TLDR-approved courses offered by Texas Driving School are convenient and affordable. For teens—whether self-taught or parent-taught—who are anxious to start driving, signing up for the Texas Online Driver’s Education Course is the first step toward getting behind the wheel.

The courses for teens are accepted and approved by the state of Texas and can be taken from anywhere, on any device.

Adult Texans age 18 and older can find an easy path to a driver’s license by enrolling in Texas Adult Driver’s Education. Skip the written test and become licensed from the comfort of home. In just six hours, adult students can have a driver’s license in-hand.


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