A teenager sitting in the driver's seat of a car, looking through the window smiling at the camera.  Her father or a driving instructor is sitting in the passenger seat.  She is learning how to drive.

Ohio Approved Online Driver’s Ed Course

State-Approved Ohio Online Driver’s Ed

American Safety Council®, owner and operator of FirstTimeDriver.com, offers the Ohio Driver Education Course and Ohio Driver Education and Prep Course online. This course is designed for teens under the age of 18 who are seeking to obtain their driver’s licenses in the state of Ohio. The course provides an in-depth exploration of a wide range of driving rules, regulations and potential challenges that face teens who are preparing to get out on the road.

Who Is the Course For?

If you are an Ohio resident who would like to learn how to drive, or if you are the parent of an Ohio teen who wants to get behind the wheel, you may be wondering if this course is for you. Our Ohio-approved online driver’s ed course is for teens who are at least 15 years and five months old but not yet 18.

With the aim of familiarizing students with the process of driving and operating a vehicle, as well as proper behavior on a variety of different road situations, our course creates competent and skilled teen drivers. If this sounds like you or your teen, then you will want to keep reading.

Why Take the Course?

The first and most important reason to take the Ohio Driver Education Course is that it is required by the state of Ohio for all teen drivers seeking to obtain their learner’s permit, and ultimately, driver’s license. The course lays the intellectual groundwork for the real-world experience that will come later on from the driver’s seat.

Teens who choose to operate a vehicle are taking a huge responsibility into their hands. As soon as you sit in the driver’s seat, you become responsible not just for your own life but for the life of each person you encounter on the road. While driving offers many freedoms, it also places a great burden on the individual driver to possess the skills and understanding to navigate the roadways with ease and safety. As a result, the Ohio-approved online driver’s ed course is exceptionally important in making sure that you are both aware of those duties and feel prepared to handle the unexpected.

Benefits of Taking Our Ohio Driver Education Course

These days, you have many options when you set out to take the Ohio Driver Education Course. Although an in-person course has been the traditional route, in recent years, online offerings have grown in popularity. Students today choose to complete their driver’s education with American Safety Council for many reasons:

State Approved

Our course meets the Ohio state requirements for driver’s education. This means you can rest assured your money will be well spent on course material that provides the knowledge you need.

More Convenient

With so much of life online these days, it only makes sense that your driver’s education should follow suit. With American Safety Council, you can access your course 24 hours a day, seven days a week, anywhere you can access the internet.

Less Expensive

Ohio driver’s education should not require a high financial investment. We believe every teen should have access to quality driver’s ed courses. Since our curriculum is 100% online, the cost is far cheaper than the traditional in-person route.


Do you tend to work a little faster or slower than everyone else? In a classroom setting, it can be intimidating to realize you are outside of the group. With our online Ohio Driver Education Course, you are the only student and class is only in session when it works for you.

On-Call Support

We seek to make course material as easy to understand as possible. However, if questions should arise, you can rest assured that you have access to support via phone, live chat and email at any time of the day or night.

Easy Certificate Shipment

We know you want to get out on the road as soon as possible. We provide fast certificate shipment options to make your driving dreams a reality.

What You Get from Taking the Course

At this point, it’s easy to see the tangible benefits of taking the Ohio-approved online driver’s ed course with American Safety Council. While getting one step closer to the freedom and thrill of a driver’s license is certainly the most obvious benefit, there are some benefits that can’t be printed on a certificate. These include:

  • Increased confidence in your driving ability
  • Greater spatial awareness on the road
  • Acute attention to details on road signs
  • Encouragement to continue forward on your driver’s education path

Topics Covered in the Ohio Driver Education Course

The state of Ohio outlines the necessary topics for all driver’s education in their Driver Training School Curriculum.

According to the curriculum, topics will include:

  • Understanding the basics of driving
  • Becoming familiar with your vehicle
  • Completing basic control tasks
  • Learning traffic control devices and the laws that govern them
  • Navigating a variety of different driving environments
  • External forces affecting your vehicle and your ability to properly operate it
  • Steps to take in an emergency
  • Traversing the roads in challenging conditions
  • Physical fitness and driving, with 30 minutes mandatory devoted to the topic of organ donation
  • The responsibilities that come with owning and maintaining a car

All Ohio-approved driver’s ed online and in-person must amount to a total of 24 hours of classroom time and eight hours of practice driving. Although students may complete the classroom instruction online, the eight hours of practice driving must be completed through a traditional, in-person driving school.

Please note: The eight hours of practice driving required for the learner’s permit are separate from the 50 hours that are later required for the driver’s license.

Our Driver’s Ed Online Course Experience

Whether you have never taken an online course before or have taken online courses with other providers, you may be curious as to what our Ohio Approved Online Driver’s Ed Course experience will entail. Imagine the following:

  • Working at your own pace
  • Working when you are at your most productive
  • Logging on and off as needed
  • Interacting with high-quality material
  • Having a course trainer within easy reach whenever you need them
  • Gaining confidence that builds with each successfully completed unit
  • Completing your state requirements with ease

Getting a License in Ohio: The Process

If you are just starting out on the path to obtaining your driver’s license, or if you are the parent of a teen who is at the age to begin getting into the driver’s seat, you may be feeling a little overwhelmed at what lies ahead.

The process of obtaining a driver’s license in Ohio is fairly straightforward. Interested new drivers must do the following:

Phase One: The Learner’s Permit

  • Successfully complete driver’s education requirements—American Safety Council makes it easy to complete an Ohio-approved online driver’s ed course from the comfort of your home.
  • Obtain your learner’s permit.

Phase Two: The Driver’s License

After holding a learner’s permit for at least six months, you can apply for a driver’s license. The major factor in determining your ability to receive a license is successful completion of the road test. When preparing for this test, remember the following:

  • Schedule an appointment—this is required. Without an appointment, you will not be able to take the road test.
  • Bring the necessary documents. These include: your permit, proof of completing your fifty driving hours, proof of driver’s education completion, proof of insurance for the vehicle in which you will take the road test and your driver’s license fee.

Please note: These steps apply specifically to first-time teen drivers in Ohio. First time adult drivers over the age of 18 will follow a different process to obtaining a driver’s license.

After passing the road test, which includes both driving and maneuverability portions, you will be granted your driver’s license. Licenses can be picked up from the nearest deputy registrar’s office. Learner’s permits will be handed in at the time the driver’s license is granted. New teen drivers will then be subject to graduated driving laws that will ultimately be lifted when the teen driver turns 18.

At the heart of this process is the need for a solid driver’s education foundation, which is why completing the Ohio Driver Education Course with American Safety Council is an important step on the road to driving freedom, skill and mobility.

How Parents Can Get Involved

As a parent, you may find yourself wanting to help your teen become as successful a driver as possible. This is understandable, as the driver’s education process marks a big transition in your teen’s life. Fortunately, there are many ways you can be supportive during this time.

Ways Parents Can Support Their Teens During Driver's Ed

Set a good example.

Now more than ever, your teen may be acutely aware of your behavior behind the wheel. As a result, you may want to brush up on your own driving habits, so you are modeling proper driving behavior.

Help secure a state approved driver’s education course.

American Safety Council’s Ohio Driver Education Course is an accessible and straightforward course that will help your teen learn everything they need.

Make practice driving with your teen a priority.

Once your teen is granted their permit, they will likely be excited to get behind the wheel. Although it can be time consuming and even a little scary to sit in the passenger’s seat, you can demonstrate your commitment to their success by scheduling time to practice driving skills together.

Keep things positive.

Your teen is going to make mistakes—it’s part of the learning process. The important thing is to begin and end sessions on a positive note. Take breaks and try again later.

Register for the Ohio Driver Education Course Today

When you are ready to begin the driver’s education process, we are here to help. The Ohio Driver Education Course is a trusted, quality resource for completing Ohio approved online driver’s ed.

Additionally, American Safety Council is proud to provide three offerings for first-time drivers. Individuals can purchase the Ohio Online Driver Education Course, Ohio Driver Education and Prep Course or just the Ohio Prep Course. Either way, you can rest assured that you will be receiving material that is state-approved to help you pass the permit test, driving test and ultimately achieve the freedom of mobility you desire.

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